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This was the toughest race i’ve done this year by far & so far at 8.5+ miles! I’m still sore & it’s been a day & a half! Footage taken by myself, & my great friends Carlos & Ricky.

Special guest appearances by Thomas Gunter(Spartan Race Commercial as the Electrocuted man), Maxwell of Team CutThroat, Ray, Will, Armando, Carlos & other awesome Spartans! I do all I can to provide the footage of what these mud runs are like to help you prepare for future events.

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39 Responses to “Super Spartan Race Socal Mud Run 8.5+ miles 2012 Temecula California Opening Day #FUNning”

  1. gr8filibuster

    I finished strong. I completed them all except 2. I ended up not having enough dirt in a bucket so I had to do burpees even though I did the obstacle. And I tried 3 times to do the rope climb, which ended up in me doing burpees. I LOVE the barb wire, spear throw, and tire flip.

  2. funning

    I used an dry case pouch and I would recommend gloves for the burpees because the floors at most of the runs ive been at have cut me up pretty bad. As far as climbing rope or other stuff in gloves, it's a personal preference.

  3. sara hull

    doing the socal race in january 2013 i really hope i dont totally fail but i really hope i can make it thru it would be awesome

  4. Three Kids with J

    If the officials accepted that technique that's cool with me. it's so much easier than with the push up and the jump. I'm training using the full form though just in case and to help get me conditioned for this race. Thanks for the info.

  5. funning

    I learned burpees a different way when I was kid. My push up needs work & I believe the proper way is with the jump. After a few miles of hills, I didnt care about perfect form. I was going by what the majority was doing & it was what I was doing. I'm doing it in December so i'll be aiming for proper technique this time.

  6. Three Kids with J

    hi, I noticed that when you had to do the penalty burpees you didn't do the push up or the jump. was that typical for everyone there? i'm doing this in january at the same location. thanks

  7. funning

    @JonAA0880 You're also gonna drag rocks with rope, buckets of sand for at least 50 ft. Upper body strength exercises is the way to go, pull ups all the time! HOpe to race with ya one day bro!

  8. funning

    @JonAA0880 I'll try my best to remember bro, There were at least 8+ walls and at least 1 over 9feet, at least 2 barbed wire sets, train your legs for lots of hill climbing cause I was getting major cramps because I didn't expect the course to be that hilly. If you can train on the spear throwing cause that'll cost you 30 burps and work on a lot of balance exercises. I hope that helps bro. It's diff for every course that's why just train for the worst! ENjoy Bro!

  9. smokey720

    @rogotiz3 yea true that. i think you need to do all 3 races before you can do the death race though? yea true that, nah im going for it this year. then hopefully train all next year for the death race.

  10. funning

    @smokey720 I don't know if I want to do the beast, I feel I might as well do the Death Race instead of the beast, but it's early in the year lol Have you done the trifecta yet?

  11. funning

    @LiveFastDieFun82 LOL No problemo, Hope you subscirbe cause I got more vids coming for other types of runs. Gonna be a great 2012!

  12. funning

    @brianusmc0341 Have you done a Tough Mudder? I can't wait to do one, but I don't know what to expect as far as it comparing to a Spartan Race. Glad you loved it bro! Aroo!

  13. LiveFastDieFun82

    awesome video man, i ran the race on sunday myself and everybody asks me how it was and all i have to do is send them the link to this video…thanks man!

  14. funning

    @brianusmc0341 Absolutely awesome! You guys are the reasons why I love to run! Hope to see you soon on the next run! Tough Mudder in Feb is next! Hope you have subscribed cause I got lots of runs coming other than mud!


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