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The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen 4×4 Squared is a ridiculous, absurd vehicle — a $250,000 German monster truck. Here’s a closer look at it.

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44 Responses to “The Mercedes G550 4×4 Squared Is a $250,000 German Monster Truck”

  1. YeeSoest

    Those roof lights are mandatory for structures that exceed 50 meters in height to protect air travel routes…

    Must be hilarious to have an accident with a normal car. Like a kid kicking the ground level walls of your 3 storey house…
    "Hey, what's going on down there? Stop it already…"

  2. Mikey Fishbone

    "For the 1%"???? The 1% are most my peers in Westchester County, NY (myself not included, unfortunately), where I spotted this vehicle…yesterday. It's absolutely foolish! This car is reserved for the 0.001%. Hot shit insanity. A client of mine showed me his preorder for the G63 6×6 like a year ago. Just why. That guy also owns a tank. Literally, a tank with a missile launcher in Bedford, NY. hahahaha


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