The MudKing, LaPavoniMac, RedneckComputerGeek, and myself all challenged each other to see who could make it the furthest through a deep mud hole on our modified off road lawn mowers. There was a 1 minute time limit, and no pushing or human influence besides rocking back and forth was allowed.

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40 Responses to “The Mud Run (Fearlessfront’s Attempt)”

  1. crazy Tim's inventions

    so I have a question for you since you know a but about mowers so recently I got my hands on a Murray mower I'd say probably 2000s or so and it runs I already got rid of the gov and stuff like that and after a little bit it boggs out and dies any idea what it could be? I thought maybe my full line or something because when you open the puppy up it spits a bit of gas out the carb or something I know my solenoid is shot so at the time I'm using a drill to start it up

  2. Rsspecial1

    yo man i got my first ride on mower, its a mowemaster 11HP briggs. I'm still building my 110CC 4 stroke pitbike engined mobility scooter, i did a quick video of that aswell! 🙂

  3. Jeremy Dunn

    Hey fearless I noticed that both your real wheel tires spin when you are going anywhere. On my mtd yard machine both of my wheels won't spin when I get in loose terrain. How would I fix that and to any one out there any suggestions?

  4. Crystal Hollyfield

    Hey fearless I have a situation my lawn mower wont start it will only start if we hold the sparkplug wire off of the spark plug about have an inch if you put the wire on the spark plug it dont do nothing what do you think the problem is


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