Discover the surprising origins of the terms “redneck” and “hillbilly”.

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America’s Secret Slang
Season 1

“America’s Secret Slang” proves that we speak history every day as it documents the stories behind our unique American version of English, from words like “southpaw” to phrases like “bet your bottom dollar.”

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22 Responses to “The Origins of “Hillbilly” and “Redneck” | America’s Secret Slang | History”

  1. Lane Ahasteen

    After all white mans diseases native Americans are the true REDNECKS of America we taught u everything about living off the land anyone wanna argue come at me

  2. Tony Tee.

    I think hate breeds hate but not always, I think people who go through hard times should remember what it feels like and break the chain and learn from others mistakes and stop perpetuating it. I would think that if a group of people who went through hard times if or when they had a chance to be on top or above others that they would remember what it felt like and not treat others as they were treated.

  3. Niall Browne

    Hello, Hello
    We are the Billy Boys
    Hello, Hello
    You'll know us by our noise
    We're up to our knees in Fenian blood
    Surrender or you'll die
    For we are
    The Brigton Derry Boys[

  4. Fergie

    It was presbyterian Scottish lowlanders who migrated to Ulster (northern Ireland) in the 1600s and then some migrated again to the America in the 1700s and settled in the Appalachian hills they would sing songs about King Billy and the battle of the Boyne in 1690 which certain people in Ulster and Scotland still celebrate on the 12th of July that's why they were called hillbillys, it wasn't Scottish highland clans as they were mostly Catholics and loyal to the house of Stuart's and King William of Orange was king of England, Scotland and Ireland.


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