Me and Kewl Wood are back at it again with ANOTHER REDNECK TOURS… Part 2… Ye.. I know get ready to lose brain cells. Today we will explore why americans are hated on vrchat. enjoy!

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43 Responses to “This is why VRChat hates Americans….”

  1. Blake Lipker

    In MERICA everyone got shotguns and we sit on our porch and god damn y'all look better than my moms burrty mouth I like to split a beer with y'all and watch NASCAR in my trailer

  2. Alex S.

    What are you stupid Ricky? Im sorry my son is kinda an idjet! I died laughing so much. Murica fuck yeah constitution otherworlders

  3. italowizard

    This America stuff is hilarious. Your trap stuff is funny, but this is a whole other level of amazingness. Please continue doing this voice together and making videos about it.


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