It’s Thursday, so we carefully put together a compilation of throwback fails. We have an awesome ATV fail, a cooking disaster, and more! Watch it quickly before your teacher/boss notices you and let us know your favorite below!


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Guy Almost Blows up Bathtub
Woman Falls While on Pogo Stick
Fire Erupts Underneath Car
Guy Uses Coffee Table as Workout Bench and Breaks it
Dog Fails to Catch Hot Dog
Skater Falls Off Rail and Faceplants
Family Crash on Slip N’ Slide
Guys Try to Ride Kayak
Drone Crashes While Giving Dog Treat
Longboarding Cowboy Falls Into Bush
Motorcyclist Falls off Teeter-Totter
Kid Attempts Frontflip Off Ottoman Unsuccessfully
Man Falls Off Bicycle on Trail
Man Faceplants Riding Hoverboard Cart
Dog Plays with Beetle in the House
Woman Cracks Phone Trying to Open Bottle
Dad Crashes into Wall Attempting to Kill Moth
Kid on Sled Gets Stuck under Fence
Guy Spins Two Friends at the Park
Girl Gets Tripped With Mat
Girl Can’t Board Kayak
Firecracker Nearly Explodes in Guy’s Hand
Duo Falls out of Canoe and into Water
Girls Fail to Cook Frozen Pizza
Girl Tries to Do Donuts on ATV
Toddler Wants to Go to the Bar
Kid Scatters Baby Powder All over Room
Kid Rides DIY Zip Line and Falls
Kid Falls Off Surface Lift While Skiing
Guy Rides Kayak Down Stairs and Into Lake
Grandpa Complains About Not Being Allowed to Buy Game
Birds vs. Man
Guy Fails to do Front Flip Off Table
Baby Throws Up on Mom’s Face
Drone Crashes Into Waterfall
Little Girl Accidentally Hits Head on Wall
Woman Flips Over Chair Attempting Yoga Pose
Girl Riding Paddle Board With Dog Runs Into Rocks and Falls
Guys Fall Through Net
Dancer Gets Knocked Down in Unexpected Mosh Pit
Guy Falls in Box Jump Attempt
Guy Fails to Throw Ice Onto Concrete
Guy Falls Trying to Run Away From Firework
Suit Cases Fall Off Conveyor Belt
Guy Attempts Gymnastics Move on Bars at Beach
Delivery Man Runs Into Mailbox
Guy Breaks Chair
Guy Falls Backward Into Canal
Dad Falls Off Rope Swing
Girl Falls off Table While Trying to Do Scorpion
Guy Falls Off Bike Attempting Ramp Jump at Lake
Guy Flies Off Inner Tube Into Snow
Woman Tries to Look Sexy in the Water
Woman Ruins Welcome Mat With Lawn Mower
Guy Gets Hit With Weight Doing Shoulder Workout
Girl Trips Over Ball
Hiker Falls While Filming Scenery

Throwback Fails: Saved It! (January 2018) | FailArmy


33 Responses to “Throwback Fails: Saved It! (January 2018) | FailArmy”

  1. Roland Hüse

    Why people always try to open bottles with a knife? Is that a real opening technique in some countries? Or they are just stupid people without hands, opener or at least a lighter? 😀 Something always breaks with this shit 😀


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