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Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

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  2. Wow they just leave the layers and rebuild the court. Why did the tv go down to the ground?

  3. Hopefully the pay is great

  4. Damn that's a lot of work, they must make good money on these shows

  5. They did all that without drinking coffee.

  6. Must be the smallest possible stadium to do this in..must be shitty

  7. Looks like a lagging video or something ..anyone?

  8. cleans floor before putting a ton of dirt on it

  9. How do they get the monster trucks in their

  10. That's a small stadium for monster trucks

  11. 1:02 it skips the seats on the left being removed.

  12. I wanted to see them paint the jumps. That's the one thing I was hoping to watfch

  13. Wow. It only took 4 minutes to complete

  14. Incredible job. I salute the workers for what they do

  15. These arena Monster Jams are kinda lame…

  16. I thought the screen fell ! And then it went back up…all is good now

  17. I wonder what the cost and labor is to transform like that

  18. Basketball sucks. Just leave the dirt and trucks

  19. 00:46 that's me on the bottom left

  20. Who else has actually been to there? I have

  21. Weird seeing an arena so specifically designed for basketball. Sight lines for anything else are obstructed

  22. Thats so hard then your team lose

  23. thought my headphone is broken again

  24. I just realize basketball court is smaller than other sports.

  25. monster jam looked pretty lame

  26. These people better make a lot of money for doing this.

  27. I like how they clean the floors right before dumping a bunch of dirt onto it

  28. Incredible…thank you for sharing.

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