Monster Truck Superstars FLY over each other on an incredible Monster-Cross race track at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway in the Circle K Back-To-School Bash. 10 awesome competitors were competing for coveted Racing and Freestyle championships. With the caliber of competition in front of an awesome crowd, every driver wanted to take home the trophies. The Back-To-School Bash is one event not to miss and it is all on ActionTracks presented by JConcepts.

“Bigfoot” – Darron Schnell
“Stone Crusher” – Steve Sims
“Hooked” – Bryan Wright
“Jester” – Matt Pagliarulo
“Dirt Crew” – Tim Missentzis
“Quad Chaos” – Aaron Cain
“Bad Company” – John Gordon
“Toxic” – Cory Snyder
“Crushstation” – Greg Winchenbach
“Lumberjack” – Kurt Phillips
A big thanks to Rebecca Schnell for additional video support at the event.

TMB TV in 2018 is presented by JConcepts and its line of World and National Championship-winning R/C products and accessories. For your scale monster truck and other R/C product needs, visit JConcepts at

The band Discrepancies hits it hard in the brand new ActionTracks intro, “Last Time” from their E.P. Check them out on Facebook.

ActionTracks is produced by Mean Duck Productions.

Thumbnail provided by Maass Media.

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29 Responses to “TMB TV: ActionTracks 9.6 – Charlotte Motor Speedway – Charlotte, NC 2018 Monster Trucks 8/11/18”

  1. Shawn Rozell

    I love Bigfoot my childhood truck it’s to bad he doesn’t come to Virginia so I can see him I’m alwas force to goto monster jam which I don’t mind just wish Bigfoot would come back to Virginia,.

  2. Twinfire

    A track like this makes me think that seeing a circuit race with monster trucks would be an awesome idea.

    Extreme open wheel racing.

  3. Annabanana 0706

    I’m not too surprised about Sims’ racing performance, however I was surprised about his freestyle performance. He drove that truck like Meents does with his truck; nearly burning the truck up and just about destroying his equipment. He learned a lot in his time in the pro circuit.

  4. Nickattack

    I like monster trucks but they seem to have gotten boring to me lately… like i wanna see em go fast and high… but they all do the same thing.. lol

  5. rollingdigger19

    When I was child I wanted so bad to see a technical monster truck races as this one evolving those beautiful turns that gather skills with the power instead of going straight away then u turn into a boring jump. My love to you from Saudi Arabia

  6. cory marvin

    The Circle K Back To School Bash always seems to get better and better each year it's like the Monster Jam World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charoltte


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