Welcome to a very special presentation of Monster Trucks Unlimited “Old School”

The Toughest Monster Truck Tour decided it wanted something ULTRA cool for an additional part of some of their shows in 2019. So, they went OLD SCHOOL!

On February 1 & 2, Monster Truck Hall of Famer Gary Bauer brought his Lon Ranger clone truck out to Youngstown, OH for some classic car crushing.

On March 8 & 9, Paul Arft (or more specifically, his son Carl) flattened some old iron in Saginaw, MI with the Showtime clone, in tribute of his good friend, the late Brian Shell.

We bring you both of those crushes in this very special edition of MT Unlimited “Old School”!


20 Responses to “TMB TV: Monster Trucks Unlimited "Old School" – Lon Ranger & Showtime”

  1. Maximum Hardcore

    It would be so awesome if they brought back an old school class- limit the wheelbase, base it off of the old real truck frames, limit the suspension, basically all the old stuff with the exception of the new safety equipment. Any driver that’s driven a current monster truck will complain of how shitty the ride is but hell I’d sacrifice my body. Growing up to this era of trucks was a very special/memorable time.

  2. Doug Thiery

    This old school stuff really warms my cold black heart. Brings back memories. I was 9 in 85. Now all we need is a monster tank revival!

  3. Michael Heilman

    I miss the days where you saw monster trucks, truck and tractor pulling and mud bog racing all in one. I would love to see that happen again in the future. You can't beat old school monster trucks.

  4. wendyandmanny

    That song, those graphics/logos, those machines, for a brief moment it was like I was a little kid again on the living room floor watching in awe and wonder. Great vid, keep up the good work!

  5. Johnny Lopez

    Totally unrelated to the video, but was there ever a conclusion of the scandal about earth shaker from monster jam being ripped off from dirt crew?

  6. darthshaggy316

    It is awesome that they are starting to do old school car crushes again. I hope it catches on. The new generation of fans could use a little history lesson.

  7. cali115

    It be nice if they had an event where the old school (or replicas of the old school) monster trucks raced each other.


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