Bigfoot 8 is on the path to victory in 1990! Can Equalizer rebound in time to take the world title?

Bigfoot 8-Andy Brass
Equalizer-Greg Holbrook
Carolina Crusher-Gary Porter
King Krunch-Scott Stephens
Clydesdale-Bennett Clark
Outlaw-Mike Wine
Wild Hair-Marvin Smith
No Problem!-John Moore
Night Life-Dave Weiczorek
Playin’ For Keeps-Jess Birgy
Buffalo Tremor-John Kwasniewski
Thunder Chicken-Kid Rarig


12 Responses to “TNT Monster Truck Challenge 1990 Louisville FH Race 2 (TuffTrax)”

  1. DWMiness2018

    Them showing the 1988 race that cost Bigfoot 4 the title made me realize that that course was probably the only course that TNT made that wasn't really good. Top notch promotion that produced the best monster truck racing of all time. Its a damn shame that there wasn't a major financial backing for the company. If TNT could have lasted well into the 90's or even early 2000's Monster truck racing would be a vastly different and better product than what you see now with Monster Jam.

  2. MTuncensored

    They only counted the best 75 percent of each trucks finish at the end of the season. That is the only time the points would have decreased.

  3. Luis C Vera

    Funny thing is that in 91 at the penda series carolina crusher was the champ. Gary porter did preoare for 91 in freedom hall 1990


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