27 Responses to “Top 10 ATV Fails Loading Unloading”

  1. Curly Q. Link

    LOL DAMN!!!!!! In the third video instead of helping the rider out as the 4 wheeler rolls over him, the "stuntmans" friends are laughing like hell at him……..just like I am right now, LOL!!!!!!!

  2. Curly Q. Link

    Those two guys at the beginning of the video with the blue 4-wheeler are most certainly going to win the prestigious Darwin Award one day. Why didn't they back the truck up to the trailer and then ride it in instead?? Hell, they didn't even secure the "ramps" to the truck!!!!!! The rider very quickly learned a lesson about the physics of gravity, lol.

  3. Older&Wiser

    Ahhhh quadtards…the ones with the chest full o stupid juice still strapped on the machine have the explanation for their defective behavior right behind them. Dangerous things + alcohol = pain/injury/death. It's not rocket science.


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