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Friday, April 19th, 2019

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  1. Some of these people could have been injured it's not funny 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ok it's funny, stupid people doing stupid things = 😂

  2. I'm pretty sure 0:40 guy in the snow died. Things can go to hell in a hand basket when loading things with engines into a pickup.

  3. And that is why I usually carry my 4 wheeler and/or snowmobile on a trailer. Lol

  4. Ramps and knowledge is very cheap insurance

  5. These videos are 99% filled with russian or american stupidity, not only fails.

  6. 30 when your friends hate you

  7. Did not pass high school physics……………

  8. LOL DAMN!!!!!! In the third video instead of helping the rider out as the 4 wheeler rolls over him, the "stuntmans" friends are laughing like hell at him……..just like I am right now, LOL!!!!!!!

  9. He should have put his parachute on before attempting that stunt, lol.

  10. Those two guys at the beginning of the video with the blue 4-wheeler are most certainly going to win the prestigious Darwin Award one day. Why didn't they back the truck up to the trailer and then ride it in instead?? Hell, they didn't even secure the "ramps" to the truck!!!!!! The rider very quickly learned a lesson about the physics of gravity, lol.

  11. I feel like an utter genius simply for buying an appropriate trailer with ramp built in.

  12. Yes. . .you can tell, not a whole lot of PhDs at work here.

  13. I don't want none of that happening to me or my four wheeler so I park in a ditch where the ramp is a lot more level with the pickup.

  14. Looks like if the ramps were just a smidge longer it would be a breeze? Maybe not

  15. Ahhhh quadtards…the ones with the chest full o stupid juice still strapped on the machine have the explanation for their defective behavior right behind them. Dangerous things + alcohol = pain/injury/death. It's not rocket science.

  16. Fucking cameramen always standing by laughing.

  17. my friend rolled my yamaha grizzly 660 4 times and that really must have hurt because it's 600 lbs

  18. Don't click the back brakes when you are goin down backwards on ramps and hills

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