www.fittestdummies.com – David Norton runs Tough Mudder Austin 2013 – we’ve got him at the starting line, dominating Everest, navigating the tubes and more. If you’re interested in running a mud run obstacle course race like tough mudder, spartan race, down and dirty, hero dash or whatever mud run obstacle course race you might be doing – this is a great video for preparation tips and tricks. Great tips for first time mudders – we went overprepared (see http://youtu.be/ZwMTPYh6SMk), and it worked out GREAT!.

Thanks for watching!

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15 Responses to “Tough Mudder Obstacle Course Mud Run Austin 2013”

  1. Fit Test Dummies

    I'm sorry you weren't able to do the Spartan Race in Mexico City. I think we'll try the Spartan Sprint Course here in Austin – I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. Fit Test Dummies

    Awesome! Which tough mudder are you going to do? I enjoyed Austin, but it's pretty dry and flat here, so some people thought it was a little too easy.


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