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Thursday, April 18th, 2019
TUNE IN & WATCH: Monster Jam World Finals XIX Rewind

TUNE IN & WATCH: Monster Jam World Finals XIX Rewind

by February 15, 2019 Monster Trucks

This is the FULL SHOW and all the iconic moments from Monster Jam World Finals 19 XIX (2018) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tickets are on sale now for Monster Jam World Finals XX, May 10-11, 2019 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida

In 2019, an all-new format including new competitions and championships promises to provide fans with the most exciting World Finals yet!




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  1. Um a 7 is bad it's out of 40 right

  2. Why so many gravediggers?? Do they split the winnings or something?? lol

  3. Bruh I love monster jam but if I hear “ON ALL FOUR BKT TIRES” or “12,000 POUND TRUCK” one more time imma lose it

  4. Rip Monster Jam World Finals
    15 was the last good one

  5. Fan judging is not even fair

  6. …………………………..

  7. Still not sure how much these things weigh or what tyres they use.

  8. Doesn’t jon Zimmer sound like Seth Rollins

  9. туℓєя мєииιgα ιѕ му fανσяιтє ∂яινєя

  10. What if they attempt to do a double front flip

  11. That was an amazing front flip

  12. I love monster jam my name is Rigo

  13. I love how so many of the drivers immediately messed up in freestyle, thus ending their runs. Fantastic job..

  14. I now hate bkt tires, made the bad commentary even worse

  15. They're not allowed to call them just "monster trucks" anymore? Did someone trademark it or something?


  17. Commentary ruined the video, had to mute it to watch it. Those BKT 12k pound blah blah blah. When you over use a sponsors name it gets the reverse effect.

  18. do they not have rear wheel steering in the freestyle now?

  19. spin master released real 1/64 scale monster jam trucks

  20. When Ryan did an Encore in the World finals 2011 he would have won freestyle.

  21. Upload the next world finals sooner

  22. Why would they move the world finals to Florida why !

  23. My brother got "the Toro loco " McDonald's car toy

  24. They bring shame to commentating.

  25. Ryan L. you could've said will lee o donnel do a fronflip again or will neil elliot do a reverse backflip again? sir.

  26. Bari Musawir should've taken the lead. i kow his save was easier than Justin's but he had so many big airs and megalodon didn't that i think if the fans thought more about bari's run, the wouldve gave him the lead.

  27. I'll never buy any BKT product. I'm already sick of hearing their name.

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