THRILL-SEEKING drivers free-style and race their incredible trucks at the Monster Jam World Tour. Regularly attracting crowds of 50,000 people, the touring Monster Jam show features the biggest and best monster trucks on earth racing around dirt tracks and showing off their free-styling stunts. In July this year, journalist and broadcaster Andy Jones visited the Rotterdam show to watch the racing action unfold and catch up with some of the bravest drivers including Dennis Anderson, one of the most renowned names in the business.

Videographer / director: Andy Jones
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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13 Responses to “Ultimate Monster Trucks Gather For ‘Monster Jam’”

  1. Cotton Hiker

    I haven’t even read any of the comments but I can hear gasping of air as people have one hand on their heart and the other hand holding onto something so they don’t hit the ground when they pass out from SHOCK 😱😱😱 “ The sun will STILL rise tomorrow!!!” 🙏 I PROMISE 🙏

  2. Andrew Roberts

    Bob Chandler was the originator but, Dennis is still one of the original drivers from the stage 1 and 2 days but also was one of the few who got the ball rolling on doing freestyle so respect is due in that regard

  3. Jason's Journeys

    I'm not sure why Barcroft Cars uploaded a video about Monster Jam monster trucks, I thought this channel was about peoples personal vehicles?

  4. an147

    Man! I still remember Grave Digger, USA-1, Stomper Bully and the very famous Bigfoot among some other monster trucks.


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