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These are not my videos, i only make compilations , thanks to the guys who recorded them. Please do not OFFEND the authors of these footages ! Here is some of their instagram profiles :


Dirt ObseXXion









42 Responses to “Utv atv fail EPIC HD”

  1. mccullough87

    These utvs or whatever you call them should b outlawed. Ya u can crash anything sure but u can't bail from those things ur just along for the fucking ride. Good luck.

  2. Everything Loud

    Use a seat belt and never jump out while its rolling I know someone who was just killed in his jeep it rolled over and crushed him and he was alone so it took a day to find him be safe out there

  3. Kyle Dupont

    Most of the good wrecks in this video or just cause because of people letting off the gas or hitting the brakes on the lip that's going to cause just about anything you're riding to flip forward that's actually how you do a front flip

  4. Dive Bar Casanova

    99% of the owners have no incidences.
    If ya dune your SxS you need to get 5" outside offset wheels and understand how to transition over razorbacks and which Razorback NOT to transition over.
    Never turn down nor up a razorback while transitioning..

  5. Chris Bishop

    On another note it AMAZES ME how many people play out in Utah and Nevada sands that were literally blown to shit 50 years ago by nuclear testing, can we say RADIATION MUCH??!!


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