You are nostalgic of the 90’s and 2000’s? For you, we selected the best fails of this period!
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So, what do you think? Was really everything better before?

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Vintage Fails releases old but funny stuff and makes funny compilations of falls, clumsiness and failures of all kinds. Discover new old fails compilations on GAGOLERO.


Topics of the video: farmer, tractor, river, falls, walk, mountain, forest, games, race, donkey,


5 Responses to “Vintage Fails Compilation #2 – Country Fails – Old but funny!”

  1. Zach The country boy

    Well we never understand city folk but we fail too but at least we can handle dirt and trucks and storms and snow and farming and forging blades and riding quads and side by sides and hunting and fishing and hiking and surviving and living and restoring you get what I’m trying to say right


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