The boys are back for Rockstar’s remix of the classic adversary mode: Sumo. This time, the safe zone not only moves, but there’s a time limit to get there. Things are about to get pushy.

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49 Responses to “We Are Monster Truck – GTA V | Let’s Play”

  1. Andrew Roy

    The moment Ryan realized his advantage was the funniest thing ever. He was calm and collected and just went full kid-in-a-candy-store.

  2. JBurrows6768

    AH YOU NEED TO READ THIS! If you play on public servers on Xbox, there is a way to get one to yourself. Get into a normal populated server, go to the Xbox settings, go to network settings, then test the NAT type. When it gives the notification for GTA, use that to go back to the game. You’ll be by yourself with no annoying people

  3. Joseph Moore

    Ryan in the revolter is the exact reason why I love playing tanks in RPGs. Just a thicc ass obelisk in the way of the squishy DPS's fun. Beautiful


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