Riding in a MONSTER TRUCK at Street Car Takeover Oklahoma City was a dream come true! Powered by an F2 Procharged LSx engine, this Tahoe riddled with dents from the Moore, Oklahoma tornado was freakishly loud and ripped some MAD wheelies! There’s nothing like looking up at the sky while riding on two wheels in a back field at the drag strip! This Tahoe weighs in at 12,000 pounds and reaches a height of 13 feet tall! We had a BLAST in this thing and want to thank DMD Offroad for giving us a ride in this BEAST of a truck! SO AWESOME!
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36 Responses to “WE RODE IN A MONSTER TRUCK”

  1. Fomoco1320

    Haha I was one of the guys watching this on the side when he did this wheelie. Its so badass to see in person! The track officials were throwing a fit when he kept goosing it tearing up the grass. It was hilarious


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