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Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

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  1. The Ferrari is a genuine limo and most of these are not fails

  2. I'm only 19 seconds into the video and already have to say… the title of the video is misleading. I really wouldn't mind owning one of these bad boys.. pretty dope actually. 🤗😎

  3. you know which one's​ are redneck….

  4. I don't know why anyone would consider this to be music, it doesn't take any talent to make this crap.

  5. they ruined a perfectly good Geo metro

  6. kinda like when ur parents had sex and made u eh?

  7. DeLorean looked photo shopped!

  8. lots of pro built cars n trucks by pro coach  limo company

  9. Most of these are not fails or rednecks. I saw several artists Vehicles, several professionally done street legal vehicles that looked quite nice, and the jumbo jet custom was featured in a Maxim magazine some years ago when it was first produced. It's actually a multi-million-dollar vehicle. There were only a handful of these that could be considered redneck or fails at all. The biggest failure here is the person who created this video.

  10. shit i cant believed they did that to a good viper

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