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Green E-Revo 2.0: https://www.amainhobbies.com/traxxas-erevo-vxl-2.0-rtr-4wd-electric-monster-truck-green-tra86086-4-grn/p734546?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_group=traxxas
Orange E-Revo 2.0: https://www.amainhobbies.com/traxxas-erevo-vxl-2.0-rtr-4wd-electric-monster-truck-orange-tra86086-4-orng/p734547?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_group=traxxas
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There is no other monster truck like E-Revo. It embodies the highest level of creativity in design and engineering that unleashed a stunning array of new technology, new innovation, and unheard of speed that reset every benchmark for racing monster truck performance.

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48 Responses to “What’s New: Traxxas E-Revo VXL 2.0 Electric Monster Truck”

  1. Ryan Coligan

    What’s a better truck? Rustler 4×4 or e revo? I have a rustler vxl 2wd and would love to add a 4wd to the arsenal, what’s the main differences other then suspension layout and 3s vs 6s

  2. Anis iTech

    yes it is a beast, my Best rc truck ever beyond all my rc stuff I have the first brushless model and I am still using it till this day it has been nearly 11 or 12 years ago and it is still perfect, this truck combines everything (power, speed, durability and a very nice look)

  3. daniel miller

    How are you doing Brett? I have the EREVO 2.0. Is there a way tp adjust the throttle response in Standard mode? Basically I want less wheelies, but full speed. Even in the dirt this thing pops them and flips on it's back. I have experience with throttle control, but "WOW". In practice mode it's fine but I want full speed. I have the app and I'm trying adjust the settings.I am running two 3s, 25c 50c =6s batteries. Is there away to adjust the throttle response on the app or am I going to go from 6s to 4s?

  4. Rich Davis

    Cool footage buuut… people looking to buy want to know too speed and see it in full speed action! Thanks for the great review otherwise.

  5. john richardson

    30 years experience in RC cars/planes/$5000 RC jets has taught me to think why do people buy these pieces of plastic fantastic crap including crap electronics.
    For about the same money you can buy an xray truggy/buggy which from my 15 years of running them are bullet proof and almost unbreakable, see here: https://teamxray.com/xt8e/2018/#1
    Add to this a 150 amp 6s hobbywing esc and motor and a metal gear servo see here: https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/collections/ezrun-series/products/combo-ezrun-max-8-combo?variant=6409672516
    By taking this route you will have a truggy that is race proven and tough, These plastic fantastic Rc models like traxxas etc are designed as money pits in regards to constantly paying out for new parts that have broken commonly as soon as the first half an hour of running.
    This is why you will never see a traxxas revo or similar in professional Rc races because they would only last a few minutes.
    I have bashed xray XT8'S and XB808'S for several years without breaking a single thing
    So come on people do yourself, your time and your wallet a big favor and learn how to buy a race proven Truggy/buggy etc available in both 8th and 10th scale, match it up with a Hobbywing ESC and motor/pinion for 6s lipo 70mph speeds and go on for weeks/months/years bashing without constantly replacing parts.

  6. James High

    so I'm happy to report that the suspension rod durability test I conducted over the weekend was a complete success. Super glue DOES in fact prevent the rods from stripping / pulling out of the rod ends. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hNJ4HSzNhyf2WyVY7 – Furthermore, to assist with the landings, and reduce the travel of the suspension once airborne, I increased the ride height. This is done by switching the screw/mount location on both sides by using the inner most holes for the rod ends to connect to the suspension arms. Here's the jump I made to test it… https://photos.app.goo.gl/bFVyoTKwfvLKhAey6
    NO, i didn't jump my wife's car. But i DID mess with her by texting that pic before I left for work with the caption; "here goes nothin!"

  7. James High

    Great job man! Your video convinced me to get one! Lol Brought me (back) into the world of RC. (It's been 25 years since I was racing my cousin with 2 Tyco fast trax lol). Since the old model is similarly named, I've found it difficult to find aftermarket parts. Less experienced bashers (noobs) like myself are seeing many bent suspension rods, /broken/ stripped rod ends, etc. If you know of any good modifications to this to enhance the rod links, perhaps you could test em and do another video or link us to some reccomended ones. I think traxxas really nailed it with this one. I've see this featured in articles and sites that have nothing to do with RC, and they're all raving about how awesome it is. I'm inclined to agree having owned it for just over a week now, Lol.

  8. Review Guy

    im looking at this an the redcat mt8e. i like the styling of the red cat more. but i know traxxas and their quality as well as the parts availability nationwide. its like any hobby shop will have traxxas parts.


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