This is not a Jeff Foxworthy joke. Depending on who you are, “redneck” is either a compliment or an insult. But there’s a lot more behind the term than you may think.
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12 Responses to “Where Do Rednecks Come From?”

  1. papayaria

    OOOOOOHHHH heck no u left out some details sister!!!
    the term redneck comes from the 1800s when the Scottish had AFRICAN AMERICAN SLAVES IN THE SOUTH( yea u left that out hon). Slaves would call the people who would watch them pick the cotton rednecks because of the fact that they would stand in the sun all day watching them and being assholes(whipping and cursing at them to work faster) at the same time! the term later went into politics and nicknames. So, in conclusion, its a term used for the country folk who live in the regions where slavery used to be legal. And that's the tea ☕️. ( FYI, I'm black ✊?✊?✊?)


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