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Saturday, February 16th, 2019
Worlds Best & Worst Quad/ATV Wrecks & Crashes

Worlds Best & Worst Quad/ATV Wrecks & Crashes

by February 11, 2019 Redneck Fails

20 minutes of the best Quad & ATV Wrecks, Crashes & Fails from over the years. Hill climb fails, head on accidents, jump fails and motocross wrecks. This has got to be the biggest and best Quad/ATV crash compilation on YouTube… enjoy!

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Sorry, the video is a reupload from last year thanks to some individual submitting a clip then doing a backflip and filing a copyright claim.


Special Shout Outs:

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CRASH CREDITS (Sorry they are out of order after losing timeline sequence). PLEASE MSG WITH ANY ADDITIONS.


Title: Bring The Madness – Excision & Pegboard Nerds – (feat. Mayor Apeshit) (Noisestorm Remix)
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Song: Bring The Madness – Excision & Pegboard Nerds – (feat. Mayor Apeshit) (Noisestorm Remix)
Label: Monstercat

Intro Song: INTRO MUSIC – Spartacus –
Outro Song – Peg Board Nerds – Bring the Madness

A Moto Madness Crashes Compilation featuring dirtbike crashes, motocross wrecks, atv fails and more. This video contains a collection of brutal motocross and dirtbike crashes. Many bones were broken and in some instances life long injuries were sustained. While we can sit back and have a bit of a laugh at the vids on YouTube, it is important to wear the best safety gear you can afford.

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Moto Madness
Epic Quad/ATV Wrecks & Crashes 2015 –



One commentcomments45

  1. That dude that could handle the 300ex on the holeshot got me dyin😂😂😂

  2. That ltr at 15:00 is straight Suzuki porn. So clean

  3. People think they can go up hills or do some crazy things with atv’s. But They can tip over so easily. They might seem sturdy but In reality they aren’t

  4. All the guys I see getting seriously hurt aren't wearing helmets or chest protectors.

  5. So the QUAD is for the coming quadraplegia. Got it.

  6. respect to the guy who turned around to check up on him

  7. Invincibility always leads to the emergency room.

  8. What did they think would happen at 11:07

  9. 4:36 um… how fast was that dude going and how do you fall for the quad to just kart wheel like that 😂

  10. Who ever owns a quad is a big ass pussy

  11. LOL..fat rednecks and their quads…

  12. Id rather have 150 pounds land on me over 4-500. And just about any time you wreck a quad, your replacing handle bars controls and wheels. It’s just a less capable more dangerous machine, my old lady wants one because she doesn’t have to balance on it like a bike. Too bad she’s never gonna find out how bad it sucks to be ran over by your own quad. I hate the things. But to each his own. I hope y’all have health insurance. Gonna need it!!!

  13. 6:01 that when you know its monday lmao

  14. 7:21 I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I believe I can fly

  15. 9:10 Quad rider is such a bitch. Slow speed crash, utv didnt even touch him, slow roll off and he plays it right up like a crooked soccer player. Its those types that should be deported to a 3rd world country.

  16. Much respect for the last guy who turned around to check on his buddy. We all love racing but that is more important.

  17. Nice Quad for Sale. Lightly Used by Mature Driver!

  18. Bunch of fucking douche bags in the comments

  19. 8:06 it’s a Honda they run on water 😂

  20. I like the sound of the new intro 👍

  21. I'm trying to decide on a quad or a dirt bike….I'm a motorcycle, dirtbike, mountain bike guy…but I do think sport quads are cool. One thing though….quad wrecks are uuuugly

  22. 5:54 where is this?Looks like Mars.

  23. best AND worst!? just about covers it.

  24. Man half these crashes are with Yamaha raptors

  25. I love how some of these people sit here and laugh and ohh and ahh but the rider is like my fucking money is is rolling down a hill

  26. Was that a woman to abandon her red atv in the water? A man would not care he would stick to his atv like glue. Some of you have gut or are as stupid as dirt and some are wimps to be taken down by a little tumble. Me and my sister have had worth when we were children. At 13 I could easily kick the big atv's off of us. Ts good to see not all are wimps. But why are some tires made for digging in an others are racing with squared off tires, they won't hold on to the ground they'll just cause more accidents. Are there girl's out there racing with you guy's. Because at 13 I had no trouble tumbling around.

  27. I have hope to get me one in this life time. But I don't think I'll abuse it this way. The way you'll treat them I should be able to pick one up at the junk yard for penny's. Thank You Loader.

  28. 1:46 You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel!

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