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Way back in the beginning of 2012 I got a call from my girlfriend asking me if I wanted to do a “Mud Run”. I actually didn’t even know what it was at the time but it sounded fun! I mean I’d seen a few little short commercials for different kinds of adventure races in Southern California but for some reason I’d never looked into doing one myself. My girlfriend told me her friend had found a great Groupon deal for the 4 of us so I said HECK YES! And then she said it was in October which at the time was over 6 months away so I practically forgot about it, haha. But the time passed faster than I thought and the next thing I knew it, it was time for the event. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to film or not mainly because it takes much more effort to film and attempt to tell our story than just go and enjoy, haha. But last minute I did decide to bring my GoPro and I’m glad I did. There was so many more people than I expected! The turnout was HUGE! I mean literally there had to be at least 5,000-10,000 people!! It was so fun seeing all the different outfits and colors and character themes people came to the event as! As we started our 10am heat, my heart was racing a mile a minute trying to think about what it was gonna feel like dipping my entire body in mud which I’d definitely never done before! I can’t imagine all the work that went into creating all the obstacles and mud pits, it was clearly a big production and team that it must have taken! My biggest challenge was that after each one, the lens on my GoPro was totally gross and extremely dirty! And because I’ve had so many previous videos like this ruined because of this kind of issue, I wanted to figure out a solution asap! So what I started doing was wipping my camera on clean portions of the shirts of event staff that seemed to be stationed about every couple hundred feet to make sure everything went smooth! (with their permission of course) All around, we loved every second of it and event was run incredibly smooth. We can’t wait to do many more!

This year, the third annual Del Mar Mud Run 5K was held on October 6th, 2012 at the Del Mar Race Track and Fairgrounds in Del Mar (San Diego), CA.

The Mud Run is a challenging 5K run with hills, tons of different obstacles, 4-foot walls with mud, tunnel crawls, slippery hill climbs and oodles of mud pits.

My equipment used for this video:
GoPro Hero 2
GoPro Head Strap Mount

Music provided by:
“Favorite Girl” by The Icarus Account
“North By North” by Faded Paper Figures

Event Description from
The iconic Del Mar Mud Run is at the historic Del Mar Race Track for it’s 3rd year. One of the most fun mud runs in the world, it has attracted celebrities, international media and participants from across the country. A 5K race with over 17 obstacles and an international beer festival integrated into the after party!

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4 Responses to “World's Most Fun Mud Run!”

  1. KTG Films

    Haha, it's definitely not for everyone! And I don't think the entire thing was for charity although I do remember a percentage of proceeds to towards different organizations. It's a once-a-year event here in San Diego 🙂

  2. KTG Films

    It was a ton of fun Nancy! I'm already looking forward to doing another one! ..and my understanding it that the all the donated shoes have to do something with the soles. I know it was some kind of charity that's able to power wash them and recycle for a good cause 🙂


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