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Friday, April 19th, 2019
Worst quad crashes atv fails compilation 2015 #2

Worst quad crashes atv fails compilation 2015 #2

by February 11, 2019 Redneck Fails

Hi, we went for accidents quads No. 2, with beautiful waterfalls, beautiful flights and everything for you to put full the eyes.
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Привет, Мы пошли на несчастные случаи каре № 2, с красивыми водопадами, красивые полеты и все для вас, чтобы положить полный глаза.
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One commentcomments22

  1. I think I saw a puddy cat no it was a quad

  2. First video


  3. I'm surprised nobody called out the guy in red at the end when some one passes out you dont shake them and try to sit them up you dumbass

  4. Gotta love a good old barrel roll, besides the cart wheel it’s the fastest way your quads value from $9000 to $9 with a flair

  5. Have a quad get a dirt bike

  6. Title should be 4 wheelers doing gymnastics

  7. Fuck Mike, I wanna know is the Tecate ok?

  8. "same spot it went the last time" that made me laugh!

  9. A lot of theses looked like inexperience

  10. What kinda four wheeler is that at 2:40

  11. a lot of these weren't even that bad…

  12. Mike scared me. I hope he is okay.

  13. dirtbikes don't fall as far as quads, especially because they can't get that rolling momentum. Holy crap lol

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