Hello, I know something else put you to the car, I’ll quad and ATV, so change registry and good video.
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Привет, я знаю, что-то еще поставить вас в машину, я и квадроциклах ATV, так изменения реестра и хорошее видео.
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34 Responses to “Worst quad crashes atv fails compilation 2015 #3”

  1. Don Gordon

    Seen one crash, you've seen em all. The really smart ones are the ones that don't waste money on stupid helmets. Nothing more comforting than knowing you have money in the bank.

  2. Kody Kibbe

    the 4th one is how I broke my ankle yesterday… and it hurts like a bitch
    except I landed into a pond after I hit the tree which was so cold since it's a really cold fall this year

  3. Luciano Guerra

    Do they bypass the cut off switch or are ATV equipped with a switch that keeps them in gear? I take my hand of the gas it just ideals it does not try to take off on its own.

  4. Luciano Guerra

    Yes, because the experiences driver know to hold on or when to just let it go. I'm stubborn I'll hold on, If I put my quad bike in trouble I'll be there with it. An if I have to sacrifice one of you two legs I'll do it to save my quad bike. After all humans are a dime a dozen. Thank You Loader.


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