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Friday, April 19th, 2019
Worst quad crashes atv fails compilation 2016 #4

Worst quad crashes atv fails compilation 2016 #4

by February 12, 2019 Redneck Fails

Hello to all, It has been a long time since I had not put you of crash in quad,
Things summits.
If you wish to see again the last compilations of crash in quad, Here is the links:

Crash ATV n°1:

Crash ATV n°2:

Crash ATV n°3:

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  1. I had to respond to an aerial report of a body on our pipeline right of way one day. Sure enough some guy on a 4 wheeler hit a ditch and suffered a broken neck. Been laying there about 2 days before the plane spotted him. A body laying in a July sun in the south for 2 days is not a pretty sight. More people are killed on 4 wheelers  than on motorcycles each year.

  2. LOL , 1.19 , the guy gets decapetated, LOL

  3. Guys be kind please mistakes are ok 👍

  4. 4wheelers so fucking STUPID.
    Unskilled idiots with NO clue.
    I love watching them get run over by their own machine after they screw up. They are for people too afraid of a dirtbike. LOL Stupid machines.

  5. Dude doing the wheelie then hits the car… Totally deserved that

  6. These are 100% not entertaining to watch, these individual give the Sport a bad name. These stunts are passed the jokes that used to be told. Posting them on You Tube, indicated their ignorance.

  7. Those motherfuckers were laughing the whole time his dad is stuck under the quad and then he's like "oh shit…. wait a minute" "DAD!" 😂😂😂😂💀

  8. good video man they were some brutal ones

  9. Hahaha the last guy riding an ATV without front wheels

  10. No Helmet – no respect

  11. sucked in too all the idiots not wearing safety gear..makes it bad for the rest of us…cant blame the bike..its the riders fault

  12. who says science is boring? evolution.natural selection.karma.commupance.all right here in 1 video!

  13. 1% wear an helmet but 100% idiots

  14. There is only 2 comments

  15. 100% of these pe people are idiots.

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