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30 Responses to “You Won't Believe How Cheap This Massive RC Monster Truck is – Durability test!”

  1. Robert Hartmann

    Have anyone try from bang goods bsd mad monster truck yet? Looks like redcats racing shredder?? And what any you guys try force rc epidemic truck yet. I'm wondering what next buy
    I thought fix up my redcats earthquake 8e with kit I saw where u used shredders parts widening up stance. But want find something different and stronger and easy access to parts. I've heard force rc epidemic truck has easy access to parts but saw on there video front looks flexing a lot

  2. Insane Hobbies and Rc's

    The rims are extremely weak and they will break very easily. Also the bulkhead there's two plastic pieces up front and in the rear that break you have to replace them with aluminum other than that the truck is pretty solid.

  3. Madness Destroyer

    What’s a good esc upgrade for the Wltoys 12428 I’m running 2s and a low price point I’m also running for my motor a 5000kv so yeah don’t really want to be ordering a esc for it to blow up first run

  4. Hector Luevano

    Hey nice videos, honestly exposed, I really think that you may try test some more nitro, or even better, gasoline rc trucks, have you see the Dragon Hammer? Losi? Kraken? Those look to be your next level, pretty close to your udr but very upgradeable, a lot of motor sizes, and there are people that make tubular cages, steel and titanium, personalized trophy truck bodies, an entire world of possibilities.

  5. Zues Toots

    Hobby Level R/C is stupid shouldnt be as the tech is so cheap now. At the price point for this truck, i may just get back in the hobby. I still have boxes in storage with enough old junk i can build 4 3.3 T-Maxxs and a few HPI savages.


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